Some Questions and Answers About This Blog

This is a blog about ideas, policy, politics, strategy, and the way things happen (and don’t happen) here in Washington, DC.  It’s one person’s point of view, derived from many years of experience in and out of government in Washington.


Why another blog about the Washington political scene?

Good question.  I’ve started this blog because I think I can offer you, dear reader, some insights into what’s going on in Washington, insights that may not be available elsewhere.  But that counsels humility and restraint:  if someone else is saying something, there’s no reason to say it here.


Who is CincinnatusDC?

I’m a Democrat who’s lived in Washington for decades, with lots of experience in and out of government.  I’m not in government now.   Hence Washington Inside Out.


Is CincinnatusDC famous?

Nope.  Let’s keep it that way, please.


Why Cincinnatus?

Cincinnatus was not a career politician.  He fought when there was something worth fighting about; when there wasn’t, he didn’t hang around just to stay “in the game.”.


Why are you writing with a pseudonym?  Why won’t you disclose your identity?

I live in Washington.  I work in Washington.  Writing what I really think is likely to anger some people, and I may need some of those people someday.  I would rather write what I really think pseudonymously, than write drivel tailored not to anger anyone.


How do I know if CincinnatusDC has a financial interest (like a job, client, customer, or investment) that may be affected by what he’s blogging about?

I’m telling you that I won’t write about things if I have a financial interest in the outcome; but you don’t have any way of verifying that, so please keep that in mind when you read this blog.


Why should a reader care what CincinnatusDC writes?

You shouldn’t care about anything I write merely because I write it.  If you find my observations useful, informative, therapeutic, or even amusing, read on.  If not, thanks for stopping by.


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